Hello World Redux

No such thing as "spinning up a quick weblog"

I've been doing a lot of nights-and-weekends code tinkering lately and have found myself wanting somewhere a little less ethereal than the fediverse to keep track of "notes-to-self that might spare someone else the trouble of digging around Stack Overflow" content, so... here's a new web site on a very old domain.

I've owned, let lapse, re-acquired, let re-lapse, and re-re-acquired Intercrap.com for an astonishing 22 years now and, apart from its earliest incarnation, I've never quite had the gumption to do much of anything with it; "It's unprofessional!" I would tell myself.

I've decided that LinkedIn is for professional, and this is for... whatever this is.

The urge to spin up a public weblog comes and goes, and I usually resist it because I know how susceptible I am to getting completely bogged down in the tooling and fine-tuning of it. This time is no exception, but so far I am enjoying my time with metalsmith.